Torrey powell

Torrey Powell

Torrey is the Director of Software Engineering at Clearlink where he has been a huge proponent of Agile methodologies. In December 2016, some of the engineers decided to work on a project together. The hopes were that project requirements,

scope, and standardization could be more easily agreed upon and implemented in a group setting. A couple months later the group discovered the concept of Mob Programming. The rest is history.

Torrey has been a technological innovator for over 15 years. As CTO of a law enforcement software company, he constantly defied the industry norms and pushed the boundaries in technology that allowed the company to flourish. At the age of 24, Torrey was named to the Utah Business magazine’s list of “40 Under 40” rising entrepreneurial leaders. His passion is now directed at “Creating Highly Efficient Team’s” through the methodologies of Mob Programming.

Twitter: @torrey_a