Agile Games - Keynotes

We are asked to participate in at various activities at conferences and corporate training events.
These can be uncomfortable.

Some ask people to reveal very personal feelings or facts about their history.
Some ask them to experience uncomfortable situations: "roleplay that you are talking to a colleague about his personal hygiene problems."
Sometimes otherwise harmless games risk psychological safety by triggering impostor syndrome or math phobia.
Others are so safe and abstracted from reality that they lose their message and are seen as frivolous wastes of time.

How do we steer between frivolity and personal risk?
Let's explore guidelines for safely sharing games that teach.

Endless meetings, employees’ disengagement, blame and a lack of trust. These are just a few symptoms of a culture of fear in organizations. As contagious as smallpox used to be, fear can affect individuals, teams and organizations, significantly reducing their innovation and learning ability.

Let’s explore how to use games to Stop the fear pandemic! We will start with how to introduce your organization to agile games designed to increase empathy, build connections and practice risk taking in a "safe to fail" setting. Whether you are coming from a conservative company or a startup with experimental mindset, you will learn how to find a game (or two) suited for your own game-readiness level. We will experiment with games and techniques to undo the “learned helplessness” on an individual level and discuss agile practices that are effective in establishing trust and helping teams navigate conflict. You will experience how “Helpful Cassandras”, “Things That Suck” and “Kill the Project” area few of the numerous ways to promote the culture of psychological safety in organizations. Everyone will get to experience a round of the "Fear? Eradicated!" game and join the mission of growing fearless high-performing teams in your company.